Guilty verdict in Guitron murder

The trial against Vencil Ash III in the cold case of Ryan Guitron started June 25 and wrapped up on July 2 with closing arguments. The jury deliberated for six hours. Ash was found guilty of murder in the first-degree. “Ash is scheduled to appear again in Kimball County Court on Aug. 21 for sentencing in the […]

Update trial Ryan Guitron

The latest update in the trial re Ryan Guitron: Kelly Meehan pleaded not guilty to his murder. Her boyfriend Vencil Leo Ash III has requested that some evidence against him is suppressed. Judge Weimer denied that request. Jury trial will start June 25, 2012. Guitron, an oil field worker, was last seen in Fort Collins about […]

Remains Ryan Eugene Guitron found

The skeletal remains of Ryan Eugene Guitron from Fort Collins, missing for six years, have been found in rural Kimball County, Neb., and a multi-jurisdictional investigation is under way since last Monday. According to investigators, the remains of 30-year-old Ryan Eugene Guitron were found in a woodpile on an abandoned farmstead. A former roommate of […]