What happened to Linda Sohus?

From the LASD on Nixle: On  March 15, 2011, the LA County District Attorney’s Office filed murder charges against Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter for the 1985 murder of John Sohus(26). Gerhartsreiter, of German nationality, is also known as Christopher Chichester or Clark Rockefeller. “In February of 1985, John (26) and Linda Sohus (28) disappeared from their home in the 1900 block […]

The FBI on the 1965 murder of Rev. James Reeb

The FBI’s Cold Case Initiative is investigating the 46-year-old case of James Reeb, a Massachusetts minister who was beaten to death in Alabama while doing civil rights work, a spokesman said Friday. The FBI launched an initiative in 2007 to investigate unsolved murders from the civil rights era. A spokesman with the agency, Chris Allen, said […]

Evidence of Isadore Banks’ properties surfaces

After many decades, evidence is surfacing of Isadore Banks’ vast properties! Cooper reports that “The Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project at Northeastern University’s School of Law has been investigating Banks’ case for over a year and has just made a remarkable discovery; The Project has found records proving what Banks’ family has known for […]

Zeigler: The significance of the Jellison Tape

Zeigler: The significance of the Jellison Tape (part XVIII) Is it evidence? Is it exonerating? Is it implicating? The tape’s conversation has been posted in full so I refer you to the previous post to read it. As you know, it was suppressed by the state for about twelve years. Why? Because of what Jon Jellison […]

Zeigler, Part XVII

In my previous post “Zeigler, Part XVI“, I referred to the Jellison tape that was conveniently kept from the defense team. It was only recovered in April of 1987, when Zeigler’s lawyers made a Florida Public Records Act request for the files of the State Attorney in Orlando. That’s when they discovered (aside from the “Buried Thompson report”) […]

Tracy Allen & Patty Vaughan

Tracy Allen & Patty Vaughan are just two cold cases handled by the Texas Bexar County Sheriff’s Office but they can use your help in two cases: Tracy Allen In 1986, Tracy Allen (18) was found dead in Hondo Creek, Texas. Cause of death: strangulation. She went missing September 9 and was found on September 13, […]