Suzy Lamplugh: excavation unsuccessful

Suzy Lamplugh / Photograph Handout PA

Photograph Handout

The Metropolitan Police is still trying to find answers in the case of Suzy Lamplugh (25) who went missing in July 1986. She was officially declared dead and presumed murdered in 1994.

Suzy Lamplugh was a realtor and had left her office in London to meet a client only known as Mr. Kipper.

The case was cold for years. Then, in an unprecedented move, Scotland Yard said that John Cannan, a serial rapist and murderer, who is serving three life sentences, was the “only suspect” for the abduction and killing of Miss Lamplugh.

This announcement effectively marked the end of a two-year reinvestigation into Suzy’s disappearance after the Crown Prosecution Service decided that there was not enough evidence to charge Cannan.

The latest excavation took place in the garden of John Cannan’s mother in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, Scotland Yard said. Police searched for two weeks. They explored the garden and an area under the garage. Nobody ever stood trial in this case. John Cannan is serving life in prison for “the rape and murder of Shirley Banks, the attempted kidnapping of Julia Holman on the previous night, and the rape of a woman in Reading in 1986.” Cannan has been interviewed about Suzy but denies any involvement.

The latest excavation was carried about by fifteen police officers, an archaeologist, and ground-penetrating radar. DCS Richard Wood, who leads the homicide and major crime command, said:”The case remains open, and the Met remains committed to bringing Suzy’s killer to justice. We will continue to assess any new information that comes in.”