Sum it Up! #41

grass lawn cut into a maze Sum it Up! #41 from my desk in the sun room where the view is … nothing but rain!

A big THANK YOU to many Missouri papers for posting this past weekend about the 40th anniversary of Teresa’s murder.

Many mentioned the FB memorial page that Michall Holmes made and my blog was mentioned as well. Thank you all!

Several months ago, an old classmate of Hilt’s started looking for answers. Michael Holmes, who lives in Kansas City, created the Facebook page and has said he is determined to continue efforts to identify Hilt’s slayer.

The page was featured on a website featuring stories about unsolved crimes,, which posted links containing information about the killing and subsequent investigation.”

I received many emails from people expressing sympathy and encouragement. To many it came as a surprise that after all these years, some could still be interested enough in such a cold case to dedicate time and effort. Michall and I have quite some time and effort invested in this case and we are thick! Not giving up because that’s not in our vocabulary.

Chris Gee (UK) tweeted that he was looking into a part of a bone found by people building a shed in their yard. Can you imagine it? It could be human and in that case you would have a full-blown police investigation in your backyard. Or, it could be non-human. But how do you tell? Well, Chris explains it all on his blog.

This article by David Amerland is one to bookmark and keep in mind with everything you do if you own a blog: being you matters. No, it isn’t a self-help book! In “Can a Lone Blogger Make a Difference?” Amerland explains that great content for a blog matters but what is even more important: make it unique! Dare to be you and explain a case in your own words.

Although you still need to understand the basics of SEO and semantic search it’s quality that’s going to matter now and that will also mean social interaction. Google+ on its own seems to guarantee that if you have something to say that deserves to be heard, you will find an audience.” Hat tip to Jacques.

If you have a complete summary including timelines about the Alfred Moore case, please let me know. I recently was alerted to this case by Pam.

In 2011, the “Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) announced that it would not refer Alfred Moore’s conviction to the Court of Appeal. The Kirkheaton man was hanged in 1952 for shooting dead two police officers the year before. Former detective Steven Lawson persuaded the CCRC to reopen the case last year – the first step to clearing Moore’s name.”

Pam sent me the link to an article explaining that the campaign to clear Moore had recently received a financial boost.

An anonymous benefactor has stepped in to fund new investigations into the controversial Alfred Moore case. He or she has donated £5,000 to a campaign group battling to clear the name of the Kirkheaton man hanged for the murders of two police officers more than 60 years ago. Now experts including forensic scientists will be hired to try and provide new evidence about the case which can be submitted to the Criminal Cases Review Commission.”

It was on the night of July 14, 1951, that 10 officers surrounded Moore’s farmhouse at Cockley Hill, Kirkheaton, hoping to catch the notorious burglar returning home with stolen goods. Two officers were shot while trying to arrest a man as he approached the house. Det Insp Fraser died at the scene and Pc Jagger was rushed to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. Moore was arrested at his farmhouse a few hours after the shooting – but the gun was never found. One theory is that the killer fled, leaving him to take the blame. As he lay dying in his hospital bed, Pc Jagger picked out Moore from a nine-man identity parade.

Moore’s family is of course, relieved that there are still people who wish to help clear their father’s name. If you are interested in this case or in jointly blogging about it, let me know.