Charges in Suzanne Bombardier murder

Suzanne Bombardier

Suzanne Bombardier

Mitchell Lynn Bacom (63) will be charged with murdering Suzanne Bombardier, according to county prosecutors. He was arrested Friday at his Antioch home without incident, police said.

Bacom, a longtime suspect in this case, is held on charges of murder, kidnapping, rape and oral copulation. Suzanne’s slaying was the oldest open homicide cold case on record in Antioch.

Bacom was one of the original suspects in the case, “the prime suspect” according to former Antioch Detective Greg Glod who worked the case, along with retired Detective Ron Rackley who first took the report that initiated the investigation in 1980.

In 2015, the Police Department sent biological samples from Suzanne’s body to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Forensic Laboratory to create a DNA profile. Lab technicians used the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System to tentatively link the profile to Bacom earlier this year. The link was confirmed after additional testing, police said.

The biological material linked to Bacom’s DNA had been in an evidence locker and was tested before, but Contra Costa DA inspector Paul Holes said that new medical research that came out within the past year has allowed police across the country to solve more cold cases.

There is more information about Bacum’s past here. He is a registered sex offender and somehow familair with the Bombardier family. How is as of yet unknown.

Police say they are investigating Bacum in other homicides and encourage anyone with information about him to call Cpt. Leonard Orman at 925-779-6918.

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Rest in peace, Suzanne Bombardier.