Sherrlynn Leigh Hill Mitchell (1957 – missing Nov 22, 1973)

Sherrlynn Leigh Hill Mitchell

Sherrlynn Leigh Hill Mitchell

On November 22, 1973 sixteen year old Sherrlynn Leigh Hill Mitchell left her home in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, to meet a friend at the bus stop. When this friend’s bus arrived Sherrlynn was not there. She has been missing since then.

Sherrlynn did not return to her job at the Ballarat Woollen Mills, did not collect her wages, and did not pick up her holiday pay.

There is speculation whether she might have run away or, got hit in an accident and is somewhere buried as a Jane Doe.

Her DNA is available to be compared to her mother’s, Betty Hill.

There is very little online about Sherrlynn or her case except for repeated content so unfortunately, this is all I have.

If my Australian readers have more information or links to newspaper articles please contact me so we can update this page.

Identification points

Sherrlynn is white, of medium build, approx. 5’4″ with red/ginger hair, and she has hazel-brown eyes.

Contact Information

If you have any information that can help authorities find out what happened to Sherrlynn, please contact the National Missing Persons Coordination Centre at 1800-000634. The Agency Case Number is: AUCBnmpcc0005.