Suzanne Bombardier in SF Chronicle

Suzanne Bombardier

Suzanne Bombardier

The SF Chronicle posts the story of  Suzanne Bombardier that was written by guest blogger Jennifer Gibbons for DCC. Suzie’s story was Case of the Month in June 2014.

In 2013, Jennifer was visiting her grandparents’ grave. She saw Suzie’s headstone and was curious. Suzie died one month before her grandmother.

On Friday June 27, 1980, the nude body of Suzanne Bombardier (14) was found in the San Joaquin river. Dental records provided by the family confirmed her identity.

Jennifer Gibbons started checking the case and found me on Twitter. She told me about the case, we started a lengthy email exchange, and decided that she should write a guest post. We both read the information and the results are there.

On the night she was taken, Suzanne babysat her nieces, ages 5 and 6, at her sister’s town house on Antioch’s Hudson Court.

About 8:30 p.m., she walked the kids to a nearby Mexican restaurant where her sister was working, because Stephanie had forgotten an article of clothing for her job on the late shift. Suzanne then returned to her sister’s place with the children in tow and put them to bed upstairs.”

Someone saw Suzie, the sister, and the children and put two and two together. That person must have been in or near the restaurant. Other restaurant patrons might have seen someone who behaved suspiciously. Maybe another patron saw someone watching Suzie as she walked out of the restaurant with the two children.

Noteworthy details in the case:

  1. There were no signs of struggle or forced entry at the Mullen home
  2. Suzanne died from one stab wound to the heart
  3. Police stated in the Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, CA) from July 1, 1996 that they do still have evidence in this case

Thank you Jennifer for writing a great post. You have managed to get everyone talking again about Suzie’s case. Hopefully one day we meet the right people who can solve it.

Thank you Henry K. Lee from the SF Chronicle for adding my blog’s name and a link to the original post. I appreciate that very much.

Please share the SF Chronicle article on your social media accounts to keep Suzie’s case in the news. Cold cases can get back into the news as long as we team up and are willing to share information.