Remembering Ena and Willie Cordt

Photography courtesy of the Cordt Family/Grid AdS

Remembering Ena and Willie Cordt as the wonderful mother and son they were is easily overlooked when this case is discussed. The case after all, is a labyrinth with many possibilities.

On July 27, 1985, Ena Mary McIntosh Cordt (Nov 15, 1956 – July 27, 1985) and Rory Wilhelm “Willie” Cordt (Aug 3, 1980 – July 27, 1985) were murdered in their own Forsyth, Missouri home.

The theories surrounding their murders include drugs, hit men, a serial killer, undercover activity, and even the authorities with hidden agendas. Amid all this it is easy to forget what Ena and Willie meant to the remaining Cordt family members. And that is what this post is about.

Ena’s daughter Peggy wishes to share some memories with you. Peggy was only eight years old when this happened. She is the little girl in the beach picture. Of course, she wants answers and yes, she’d like to know who really was and was not involved. But she also wants to share memories about Ena and Willie. Here she is in her own words:

My mother, Ena Cordt and my brother Willie Cordt, are far more than just a story of murder.

My mom was a hard-working woman with a strong backbone. She was single with two children by 1982 but still managed to buy her own house a couple of years later. My mom was a fun-loving lady who laughed a lot. Ena Cordt was a daughter, mother, friend, sister, and aunt.

My brother Willie was a little stinker. He loved to lay by me and put his finger through the tag on my shirt. He was a sweet little boy who sucked his thumb and liked to play with dump trucks.  

When someone ended their lives the world lost some very special people, and my life along with my mom’s brothers and parents’ lives would never be the same.

Since the 30 year anniversary has passed last year, it has made me think more and more that we should get answers once and for all about what happened on that fateful day in 1985.  Nothing will ever bring them back but justice for them isn’t too much to ask.”

You can find a lot online about this case if you just google “Ena and Willie Cordt murder 1985 Missouri.” You will find some references to books as well.

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Thank you for remembering Ena and Willie Cordt with us.

*Photography was provided by Peggy and is used with permission. The only changes that I made to the three pictures was sharpening the images, cropping them, and placing them in a grid – AdS