Possible link to Beaumont Children

Beaumont Children Wanted PosterThis arrest may or may not lead to a better understanding of the missing Beaumont Children‘s case. Several newspapers note the arrest of a 71-year-old man.

From 7News: “The 71-year-old was arrested yesterday and charged with a range of crimes against several victims dating back to 1962. Among the charges, three counts of buggery, two of unlawful sexual intercourse and seven indecent assaults. 

The man’s name has been provided to detectives who are investigating the disappearance of Grant, Arnna and Jane Beaumont from Glenelg Beach in 1966. The man was in Adelaide when the Beaumonts vanished. At the time he would have been aged 21 but there is no evidence of any involvement in their suspected murders.”

I was hesitant to post about this arrest but just in case police can make the case against him, I did anyway. Remember that:

  1. We do not know whether any of the charges are related to the Beaumont Children
  2. We do not know whether police can place him with the Beaumont Children when they disappeared (just being in Adelaide is not enough)
  3. We do not know whether his younger self matches the composite sketches
  4. We do not know where the remains of the children are

In short, we have a senior citizen arrested who will face the judge next month. However, whether he is connected to these missing children remains unclear. I will follow this arrest and update the blog if something turns up. For now, I leave the database information as is.

Jane Nartare (9), Arnna Kathleen (7), and Grant Ellis (4), known as the Beaumont Children, disappeared from Glenelg Beach, near Adelaide, South Australia, on January 26, 1966. The three children and a man were seen walking away from the beach around 1215pm.

In November 2013, a factory in North Plympton was excavated after the authorities received a tip that the children were buried there. Nothing was found.


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