OPP still needs help in Karen Caughlin case

Karen CaughlinIn the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) latest press conference they told the public that Karen Caughlin was most likely unintentionally killed by a motorist in 1974. The papers called it “shedding a new light on the case” but I disagree. We already knew she was struck by a car. The question is was it unintentional or not.

If not intentional, it is a hit-and-run and someone never told the truth. Someone hit Karen that night and left her to die. That person needs to come forward. There was no such strong call by OPP in their press conference.

Their “shedding of new light” on the case was that “there was fog the night she was killed, reducing visibility.” We already knew that and yes, reduced visibility is often the case when you drive around after midnight. That is nothing new.

The OPP then said that “The clothing Caughlin was wearing and her proximity to the roadway may also have been contributing factors in her death.” I agree with close proximity to the road as a contributing factor but her clothes? Specify and explain exactly what you mean. And, do not leave out interesting details about her clothes.

Karen’s coat and shoes were located a short distance away from her body in a pile of branches. Her purse was discovered several days later in a ditch just north of Petrolia, south east of where her body was located. The positioning of the shoes, coat and purse make me wonder about touch DNA. We need the M-Vac in this case! Also, it is not clear whether the soil around these items held any clues such as shoe prints or possibly dropped items.

Police said “her body was moved from where she suffered fatal injuries to Plowing Match Road, known then as Freer Road, where it was found.” So, who moved her body and why? The person who accidentally hit her? If they knew she needed help and left her there to die they committed a crime. It is as simple as that.

Karen Caughlin

Karen Caughlin

In March 15, 1974 Karen Caughlin (14) went to school as usual. She had after-school plans to go to a friend’s home and later on to the Rose Garden roller rink. She could possibly sleep over.

Karen and her friend left the rink around 11pm. They accepted a ride from a couple of boys and left in their pick-up truck. Karen’s friend was dropped off at her home. Karen continued to drive around the area with these boys until Karen was dropped off near her friend’s house close to 1am on March 16, 1974. This was the last time Karen was seen alive. Her body was found March 16, 1974 around 9:50 am by an area farmer 22 kilometres from where she was dropped off.

What happened to her between the drop off and the moment of impact? What was she doing 22 kilometers away from her friend’s house? Explain these missing hours, the gap in the timeline, to me.

In 2014, the OPP asked for help shortly before the 40th anniversary of Karen’s murder. Police again ask the public to come forward with information to help solve the case. “We know people know what happened to Karen and strongly urge them to come forward,” Det.-Insp. Chris Avery said.

OPP ask anyone with information about the case to call Lambton County OPP at 1-519-882-1011.

If you know anything please call the OPP and help solve Karen’s case.