Willeke Dost: no remains found

Willeke DostSo far, police has not been able to find any human remains around the Koekange Farm from the Mulder family in the Netherlands, where Willeke Dost lived until she disappeared in 1992. This does not mean that the investigation is over but merely, that another strategy is being considered.

On January 15, 1992, Willeke Dost (15) left her foster parents’ farm early in the morning by bike. Willeke’s parents died in a fatal car crash in 1976 when Willeke was an infant. She was temporarily placed with her grandmother but grew up in various foster families until in 1986; she was placed with the foster family in Koekange. They already had a daughter and two sons.

A week before she disappeared, Willeke allegedly told a girlfriend, Geke Crediet, that she was pregnant, according to Geke’s mother who repeated that statement on national television in 2004. Her foster father denied that that statement held any truth. He has since passed away.

Willeke Dost is presumed dead. In 1992, the theory was that most likely Willeke had run away but now police think that she was murdered shortly after she disappeared. They believe that the original crime scene is near the foster parents’ farm. Despite excavations in 2010 at the farm, the case remains unsolved.