No external review in Caughlin murder

The Observer reports that “The Ontario Provincial Police won’t be handing over its investigation of the Karen Caughlin murder to another police agency for external review.

Commissioner Chris Lewis is confident OPP detectives have conducted a “thorough and professional” investigation and will not ask for an independent review of the cold case file, Insp. Dave Ross said Tuesday.

The rejection came just hours after the family of the deceased teen held a news conference claiming the OPP has bungled the investigation and demanded an independent review.”

The Caughlin family has called for an independent review since the OPP has not been able to solve the 1974 murder of Karen Caughlin. Most disturbing is that “Commissioner Lewis won’t meet with the Caughlin family, something else it [the family] requested Tuesday.”

I am stunned that meeting the Caughlin family is not an option since that would be the least that could be done. My posts about the Caughlin case can be found here. Further updates are being drafted as we have more information that will be posted soon.

In 1974, Karen Caughlin was killed. She was only 14 years old. On March 15, 1974, Karen went to school as usual. She had made after-school plans to go to a friend’s home. Later they would go to the Rose Garden roller rink. They made tentative arrangements for Karen to stay overnight.

Karen and her friend left the rink around 11pm. They accepted a ride from a couple of boys and left in a pick-up truck. Karen’s friend was dropped off at her home. Karen continued to drive around the area with these boys until Karen was dropped off near her friend’s house close to 1am (March 16, 1974). This was the last time Karen was seen alive.