New developments in the 1966 Danny Goldman case

Danny Goldman then and with age progressionNew developments in the 1966 case of Danny Goldman involve a connection to a known criminal and a link to Danny’s girlfriend.

From CBS Miami: “Joe Cacciatore, Chicken Cacciatore, as he was known, was an accomplished thief and burglar closely aligned with mob boss Santo Trafficante Jr. A serious player, Chicken was known to be operating in Miami Beach at the time of the kidnapping.

But how would Chicken know the Goldman family might have $10,000 hidden in the house to sneak Danny out of the country to avoid the draft? Well, Novack and his team of Surfside sleuth uncovered report from a second informant identifying another member of the kidnap team. A former rum runner and criminal named Charlie Lloyd – the father of Danny Goldman’s girlfriend Sharon.”

Paul Novack wrote a guest post for my blog about the case. His website is here.

Daniel Jess Goldman, “Danny”, was a 17-year-old senior attending Miami Beach Senior High, and living with his parents in their home in the Town of Surfside, in 1966. Danny spent much of his free time working on television sets, learning electronics, and being with his girlfriend or talking to her on the telephone. Danny’s father, Aaron Goldman, was a successful contractor and builder, and his mother, Sally Goldman, was an interior designer.

March 29 was to be Danny’s 18th birthday and he had plans to go with his mother to register at the area’s Selective Service office. However on the day before, March 28, 1966, Danny was kidnapped from his family home by a husky intruder who came in through the rear, unlocked, sliding glass doors; he called the Goldmans by their first names, expected to find $10,000 in cash in the home, and took Danny when it turned out that the cash was not in the house.

Danny has never been found, alive or dead, his kidnapper and/or murderer was never identified or arrested, and although it was once the focus of national attention and the “#1 Mystery” of federal and local agencies, his case was ‘administratively closed’.

Stay tuned!