Missing: Linda Ann Miller

Linda Ann Miller/NamUs

Linda Ann Miller/NamUs

Linda Ann Miller (July 3, 1954 – last seen July 1, 1973) was nineteen when she was last seen. Her last known location was San Rafael, California. Whether that was where she lived or where she was born, isn’t clear.


Together with a male friend, she took the Greyhound bus in 1973 to go to Guadalajara, Mexico. His name may be or at least phonetically sounds like “Cary Kristal.”

Nobody has heard from Linda since she left in July of 1973. Her file was added to NamUs on July 27, 2011.

There is very little online about this case but I found this detail:

Linda was not reported missing until her sister reported her in 2001.”

That is an awful long time to wait and report her missing as she was last seen in 1973. Maybe there never was any contact with the family after she left? I wonder if she ever arrived in Guadalajara, Mexico. Why did she leave in the first place? Start a new life? Was her friend her partner? Is he missing too?

As we have no information, there is the possibility that Linda may have died of natural causes and is buried somewhere under a different name or, as a Jane Doe.

At the time of writing, the NamUs profile does not indicate that they have her DNA or dental records on file. All the more reason to make Linda’s the Case of the Month for August.


From NamUs I have the following information: Linda was 5’4 and 112 pounds when she was last seen. She has brown, long, straight hair with brown eyes. She is described as “Native” (American Indian/Alaska Native) however, there is no specific tribal information available.

Contact information

If you have any information about this case please contact the Marin County Sheriff’s Office at 1(415) 499-7278. Linda’s Agency Case Number is: SO01-6009 and her Missing Person file number in NamUs is #MP11802.


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