Missing 411

Missing 411. A message from David Paulides from the CanAm Missing Project:

Several years ago I received information that people were missing from a national park. The informant stated that the staff was giving the disappearances little public exposure and almost no follow-up. This tip led down a path of 3+ years and 7000 hours of research into missing people in rural areas of North America.

Understanding that the National Park Service (NPS) have a large Federal Law Enforcement contingent with Special Agents as detectives, the CanAm Missing Project filed dozens of Freedom of Information Act requests attempting to obtain information on missing people inside (NPS) management areas. We also filed for information on the numbers of missing inside NPS, locations, dates and times. After several weeks the NPS responded that they DO NOT KEEP track of missing people inside their system, they DO NOT have lists of missing people at headquarters or at the parks, we were dumbfounded and shocked.

Our group consists of veteran law enforcement officers, the assertion that NPS doesn’t keep track of missing people inside their system is mind boggling. Every major law enforcement agency has a website with missing people on their site, NPS does not. Understand, it only takes a clipboard with graphing paper to keep track of missing people in a park, a laptop could track an entire systems missing people.

We inquired about NPS putting a list together for missing people in Yosemite National Park. The NPS stated that they would charge our
group $34,000 to develop and distribute the list to us and $1.4 million for a list of all missing in their system.

One of the members of our group was a former director of a state’s investigative law enforcement bureau, he stated that the NPS is not
that stupid, they must be concealing the information. The result of our work was the finding of 28 clusters of missing people in rural areas across North America, this was an astounding find, and not expected.

Our work is chronicled in “Missing 411-Western U.S.” released 3/1/12 and available at www.canammissing.com. The eastern version of the book will be available on 3/30/12. The book follows 411 people who disappeared, it’s their story.”

A book to watch!