The M-Vac System

m-vac systemThe M-Vac System is a wet-vacuum based forensic DNA collection device that is helping investigators solve more crime. It has been used on dozens of cases and has produced DNA profiles many times when traditional methods such as swabbing and cutting have failed to produce viable results. It is ideal for touch DNA scenarios, and can capture many times more DNA material than other methods from porous surfaces like clothing or other fabrics as well as rough surfaces such as rock, brick or concrete.

As my friend Jared Bradley explained here the use of the M-Vac System, despite having a higher initial cost than a swab, can save an investigation thousands of dollars.

  1. the M-Vac System is much (usually 20-30 times) more effective at collecting DNA material off porous and/or rough surfaces such as fabrics, rocks and cement
  2. It has been shown to collect over 22 times more DNA material (saliva) off of cotton, a common material for T-shirts, even after the swab had already sampled the stain
  3. The M-Vac System can collect DNA material from a larger surface area than the swab, and an even larger percentage compared to cutting

Here is a clip that explains even more about this new method that has become THE saviour in old cold cases. If forensics interest you, follow their blog!