Jimmy Stanaway 1966-1990

Jimmy Stanaway 1966-1990. He was born on Dec 5 in 1966 and was killed in Jersey City (NJ) on Feb 2, 1990. Everyone knew his simply as “Jimmy.” This nickname was also his well known signature and is the feature on his headstone.

To this day, there are questions in this case that have never been answered. One of those questions concerns motive.

Why did Jimmy have to die? When he was found, expensive furniture, art works, and jewelry were still in the home as well as Jimmy’s wallet. Did Jimmy surprise a burglar who after killing Jimmy, ran off?

Another open question is how Jimmy died.

According to the paper, Jimmy was beaten to death but the buzz is that Jimmy was beaten and then stabbed to death. The knife used was probably from Jimmy’s own kitchen. However, it was never found.

As far as I know, nobody has ever been arrested for this murder.

Jimmy was the manager of a clothing store in Jersey City. He attended Woodbridge High School and graduated in 1984. He was young, had hopes and dreams. His friends like to know what really happened to Jimmy. If you knew Jimmy or, have any links to newspaper articles please contact me.

To be continued!


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