Jasper S. confessed rape-murder Marianne Vaatstra

Marianne Vaatstra Today, Jasper S. confessed to the rape-murder of Marianne Vaatstra.

During the night of May 1, 1999, Jasper saw Marianne Vaatstra on her bike. He stated that he did not know her. Jasper forced Marianne with a knife into the field where she was later found dead. More details will now be made public and we can expect more information concerning the detention and trial procedures. Marianne’s family has been informed about the confession.

Jasper S.’s house and farm has been searched by police. A few days ago, his family was allowed to return home. The village where they live made clear that they welcomed them back. However, the most burning questions will trouble them for a long time to come.

Why did Japser feel the need to rape and/or kill?

How did he keep this secret with nobody suspecting anything?

Why did he donate his own DNA knowing it would close the walls around him?

And, why did it take so long to confess?

To be continued!

Hat tip to Clouseau.