In Loving memory: Jimmy Stanaway

newspaper clipping about the murder of Jimmy StanawayIn Loving memory: Jimmy Stanaway. Twenty-three years ago today, Jimmy Stanaway died after a brutal attack on his life. His case was never solved and it is colder than cold today. Nobody is looking for his murderer and the family has lost hope that they will ever find out the truth.

Of course, we understand that current cases always have priority for law enforcement and the prosecution. But a certain sensitivity for murder victims’ family members should be there.

Can you imagine the pain of losing a child or sibling to murder without ever knowing why? And to make matters worse, to know that his killer is still not caught and out there enjoying life?

Amongst the most prominent questions is foremost the motive for this crime. Why did Jimmy have to die? When he was found, expensive furniture, art works, and jewelry were still in the home as well as Jimmy’s wallet. Did Jimmy surprise a burglar who after killing Jimmy, ran off?

There is also a dispute about how Jimmy was murdered: beaten to death or stabbed or both.

If you knew Jimmy Stanaway, please leave some memories in the comment box. It will comfort the family to know that he has not been forgotten.

R.I.P Jimmy