Update: the Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask, a mystery we can solve even today. Yes, I can see you frown. Is this not a case from way back then? Yes, but that does not mean we can forget about victims, can we? I blogged about this case and I repost the link here so you can read up on […]

Cadbury on the Dauphin: The Lost King of France

Deborah Cadbury‘s “Lost King of France” about the Dauphin combines my passion for historical mysteries, cold cases, and forensics. My interest was peaked after watching the movie “the Scarlet Pimpernel” with Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour. I had read the book by Baroness Emmuska Orczy but found it tedious and much less amusing than the movie. My […]

Henry IV and Louis XVI Lacked Royal Blood

Henry IV and Louis XVI lacked Royal Blood according to DNA testing done on the head that was believed to be from King Henry IV. The Telegraph reports that “It’s “impossible” that the head belongs to Henri IV, said Jean-Jacques Cassiman, an emeritus professor at the University of Leuven, one of the authors of the […]

Beyond the Man in the Iron Mask

Beyond the Man in the Iron Mask: by request, I post all three parts that I wrote as guest posts for other bloggers here for readability. ___________________________________ I like to read about old unsolved cases. We usually refer to them as historical mysteries. One of them is the story of the unknown prisoner or the man […]

Part 3: King Richard III: Ruthless Ruler? Yes. Regicide? No.

Part 3: King Richard III: Ruthless Ruler? Yes. Regicide? No. It is time to conclude this mini-series on the cold case of the Princes in the Tower and whether their uncle, King Richard III, is justly accused of being their murderer. While I was pondering whether to discuss some more books that I read or, […]

It is King Richard III

It is King Richard III. It has now been confirmed that indeed the skeleton found beneath a parking lot is his. Richard’s remains were said to have been buried in Greyfriars church, Leicester. But this church was lost until archaeologists excavated a car park and discovered medieval remains. Victorian foundations had almost destroyed the entire grave and […]