Estimated Time of Arrest by Delphine Pontvieux

Estimated Time of Arrest by Delphine Pontvieux. My second book review for “Blog Tour de Troops” is just like the eyes on the cover: different.

The abbreviation ETA reflects the fate of one of the main characters,  Lorenzo Lartaun Izcoa. However, ETA of course, also stands for Euskadi Ta Askatasuna. The author gives an overview of the Basque Nationalist and Separatist Organization. As we learned recently, the ETA announced an end to violence.

Whether this will truly be the end remains to be seen as the ETA did not announce what they will do with their weapons supply and what it will do to make sure that no splinter organization carries on violent campaigns with ETA signature actions.

Back to the book …

Delphine takes you on a breathtaking tour through Southern France and Spain and it is obvious she knows the areas. The little details in clothes, culture, architecture and especially rock climbing and rock formations show that she knows her trade. She gives you insight in a family ripped apart by violence and forced to take a stand. The book explains how people became part of ETA, how people grew up powerless to stop the violence and one day, when the opportunity presented itself …

The book makes no excuses for violence but explains the characters and the motivations from the people behind the campaigns. We see a human side of them all in which they care for family and friends and where their loyalty is tested by ways of torture. We meet a variety of people who all stand for, protest, and strive for a better tomorrow. Each has their own way, their own method, and through forces beyond them, they collide.

If you search the web for the book you will find many reviews and they all give away the story. I will not, experience ETA for yourself. I thought it was well written, kept a good pace, and showed in-depth characters. One note where the author lost my attention for a moment was near the end. The book’s ending would have been stronger by simply displaying the note and then have Faustine call Haizea.

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Highly recommended!

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