Where is Douglas Charles Chapman?

Douglas Charles Chapman progressionDouglas Charles Chapman (Feb 5, 1968 – June 2, 1971 date missing) was last seen around 1030am while he was playing in a sand pile in the garden of his parental home in Alfred, York County, Maine. His mother was inside the home on the phone. Dad was at work.

Doug is a white male with light brown, sandy hair, and blue eyes. According to NamUs, he has a mole on his right shoulder. He was 3 years old when he disappeared. If alive, Doug would be 46 years old now.

After his mom reported him missing, the authorities used helicopters, divers, the National Guard, civilian volunteers, and bloodhounds to search for this child.

If you watch the clip in this article you can hear that the K9s picked up Doug’s scent from his home and followed it through “through a field, past an apple orchard onto a farm, and down the driveway to the main road.” Then it abruptly stopped. This could hint at Doug being kidnapped, placed in a car, and driven away.

Lt. Brian McDonough, with the Maine State Police, is sure that had this happened now, Doug could be found. We have the web, social media, and Amber Alerts to get the word out almost instantaneously. McDonough reopened the investigation in 1993 at Douglas’ father’s request. With lie detector tests McDonough eliminated family members as suspects. But now he has no leads, nobody as a suspect, and the case is cold.

Douglas Charles Chapman paperDouglas Charles Chapman needs more media attention so please share this case. I hope DNA is uploaded into ancestry databases for when someone searches for their heritage. Doug is loved by his family and they are still shattered that they lost him.

Contact Information:

If you have any information that can help the Maine State Police please contact their Major Crimes Unit-South at 1-800-228-0857 or (207)657-3030.


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