DNA helps track down suspect in 1984 murders!

Seldon Wayne Colvin

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DNA helps track down suspect in 1984 murders! Seldon Wayne Colvin, 58, is under arrest for the murders of two people back in 1984, thanks to years of police work and advancements in DNA testing technology.

On September 28, 1984, the badly decomposed bodies of John Robert Buckels, 38, and Janis Petkas McMahan, 37, both of Houston, were found along Old Highway 105 near Cleveland in Montgomery County. They both had died of gunshot wounds.

Sheriff’s Office detectives in 1984 conducted interviews and followed many leads throughout the course of the investigation. While the detectives worked many hours and developed suspect information, all efforts to solve the case were unsuccessful.

During the first investigation blood evidence was discovered and collected by the Houston Police Department but technology of the time did not allow for the type of forensic testing that is available today. That blood evidence remained stored in the Houston Crime Lab for nearly 25 years. In July 2009, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office cold case detectives reopened the murder investigation and located the evidence stored at the Houston Police Department. DNA testing was applied to the evidence. The results linked Colvin, one of the persons of interest detectives identified in the first investigation, to the killings.

Since the first crime, Colvin was convicted of two other crimes: an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Harris County on May 23, 1985, and another aggravated assault, this one in Harrison County on Oct. 11, 1985. Colvin was given 30 years in prison for the first and another 20 for the latter. He was paroled on Sept. 30, 1994, and his supervision was to end Oct. 1, 2014. He was arrested in this case while visiting his parole officer in Pasadena, June 2, 2010, and now faces charges of capital murder and murder.

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UPDATE: Jurors found Seldon Wayne Colvin guilty of capital murder in Buckels’ death and guilty of murder in Petkas McMahan’s death. Colvin was sentenced to life in prison for the capital murder and 40 years for the murder conviction, with the sentences running concurrently.