DNA does not solve 1984 murder of Vickie Long

Vickie Long

DNA does not solve the 1984 murder of Vickie Long. Todd Campbell, who was arrested for her murder was acquitted.

During the investigation, DNA from the victim’s clothing was entered into CODIS – the Combined DNA Index System, which stores DNA profiles from convicted offenders, unsolved crimes and missing people. In October 2009, Campbell had to provide a DNA sample when he was convicted of growing marijuana.

In December 2009, a CODIS hit led Palm Beach deputies to Todd Campbell, 49, as a suspect. Campbell was interviewed and denied knowing the victim. He gave another DNA sample and it verified the CODIS hit.”

However, in July 2012, a jury acquitted Todd Campbell. From News Channel Five: “Without DNA technology, the case went cold until 2009, when Campbell’s DNA profile matched that of semen found on Long’s panties in 1984.

Campbell explained the presence of his DNA when he testified on Friday that he and Long had consensual sexual encounters at his home.” With Campbell out of the equation, we face a cold case. As far as I have been able to check, there are no other leads. In 1984 we didn’t have social media and the blogosphere was still a decade away. Unless something pops up Vickie’s murder is a mystery.