DCC wins in ABA’s Top 100 law blogs of 2013

ABA 2013 Top 100 BlawgsDCC wins in ABA’s Top 100 law blogs of 2013 in the category “Criminal Justice.” The introduction they gave my blog is awesome:

If there’s a dog-eared manuscript to a legal thriller gathering dust in your back drawer, wipe that sucker off and turn to cold-case consultant Alice de Sturler’s blog. A mixture of interviews with true-crime authors and profiles of real cold cases, Defrosting Cold Cases is both fascinating and heartbreaking.”

That is exactly what DCC is to me. The stories fascinate me, the contact with the victims’ families breaks my heart but … I am not going to give up. It is too important to me to get these stories online especially if a victim hardly has a web presence.

Thank you to those who nominated me and thanks to all who voted for my blog. The nomination has led to an increase in blog subscribers and visitors. I am very happy about this because it means that more people get to read about the victims’ stories.

I have received many emails from people who did not know a blog like mine existed with true crime stories as opposed to the Hollywood productions. The cases list now counts over 130 victim stories. More unsolved homicides/missing person cases will be posted in 2014 with details where available about trial dates.

Thank you to all the supporters from Teresa Sue Hilt‘s tribute page on Facebook.

Thank you to all LinkedIn and Google Plus connections.

Most of all, I wish to thank the true supporters of my blog who retweet, share blog posts, send messages and take part in #CrimeChat on Twitter. Special thanks to my Australian and New Zealand Twitter followers. You rock!!!


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