Crippen continued…

Dr. Hawley Harvey CrippenI read John Boyne’s book “Crippen” a while ago and posted about it (here). As luck would have it, one of the scientists involved, Dr. John H. Trestrail III , responded to the post and provided me with more details and the link to the PBS Series “Secrets of the Death.” The episode about Dr. Crippen, “Executed in Error” can be seen here.

Boyne’s book is well written and keeps you captivated from page one. It has a colourful cast of characters who are all seeking something and hiding something. It has nosy women, self-absorbed with mountainous egos, and absolutely no style.

There is the what I call “parent-by-accident” who tries to do right by family. And of course, the Montrose Captain who, stuck in his routines, needs to adjust as a new First Officer boards his ship. There is the suggestion someone else murdered Cora as well. No details about that here, read it yourself.

Dr J.H. Trestrail III

Dr J.H. Trestrail III

One thing I could not find (but maybe some of you can) is whether the allegation of domestic violence with Cora as perpetrator, is based on fact, a single incident, or whether it is just a twist to the story by Boyne. Thoughts anyone?

Last, I found this link I wish to share with you. It leads to a fascinating murder casebook about the Crippen Investigation by Marshall Cavendish Weekly Publication, click on this link. It is full with pictures, newspaper prints, maps, etc.

Enjoy reading but do not forget, this is a true unsolved mystery. Remember what Lord Chief Justice Alverstone said: if the body found is not from Cora Crippen, the jury must find Dr. H.H. Crippen innocent. We finally have that answer. I think a posthumous exoneration is called for.