Recap #CrimeChat Sept 16, 2013

Recap #CrimeChat Sept 16, 2013. Today’s #CrimeChat was about real CSI. Retrieving DNA from certain surfaces can be done by swabbing and taping but those methods may not work 100% on porous surfaces, brick, concrete or, wet surfaces. The M-Vac is a wet-vacuum sampling system. Jared Bradley, tweeting as mvacsys, said: “think of a medical […]

Recap #CrimeChat Aug 26, 2013 with David Swinson

Recap #CrimeChat Aug 26, 2013 with David Swinson. This hour combined being a cop with promoting rock punk while jotting down ideas for books. We found out that all along David wanted to be a writer. Thinking he’d get a couple of good stories working for a while as a cop … well, he became […]

In loving memory: Teresa Sue Hilt

In loving memory: Teresa Sue Hilt. Today, Sunday August 4th, 2013, marks the 40th anniversary of Teresa‘s murder. A few days ago, I spoke to her mother. Teresa’s mom is 86 years old now and hurts every day for the loss of her only child. She lost her husband Stanley years ago. He was never […]

Recap #crimechat April 4, 2013

Recap #crimechat April 4, 2013 Today we spoke about wrongful convictions with Nancy Petro. A short introduction to wrongful convictions started this crimechat. How do we find out about Wrongful Convictions in general? A: We discover that the victim is alive & well. Examples: India 2003, the Reena Devi case. Reena disappeared, her mother ID-ed her […]

Jacques’ #crimechat answers on blogging

Jacques’ #crimechat answers on blogging: the questions you posted in #crimechat March 22, 2013 answered below: Before I answer your great questions, I would like to tell you a bit more about blogging, search engines and how to get rich quickly. Blogging When people ask me if they should start blogging, I usually answer ‘no‘. […]

Recap #crimechat March 22, 2013: the tech side of blogging

Recap #crimechat March 22, 2013: the tech side of blogging this #crimechat was an attempt to collect your questions related to the technical side of blogging. The tech side kept me from blogging for a long time. I would see a blog, think that I could do that too, and then … wonder about a million […]

#crimechat March 22: Tech Talk!

#crimechat March 22: Tech Talk! I will be collecting questions about the tech side of blogging between 10-1pm EST. All these questions will be answered by my tech man and webmaster par excellence: Jacques Soudan. If you use Twitter: tweet me your blogging related question and add the hashtag #crimechat. I will collect all those […]