Recap #cclivechat Aug 10, 2012

Today’s #cclivechat centered on the tragic case of Fredericka Mary. Joe McGinty described the case: “In the early morning hours of Mother’s Day, May 11, 1986, a man in Needham, Massachusetts would make a disturbing discovery inside of a trash barrel as he searched for recyclable bottles at Claxton Field, a local playground in the […]

Recap #cclivechat Aug 3, 2012

Our guest today was Virginia Braden! Virginia Braden is a licensed Private Investigator and Behavioral Profiler specializing in violent crimes and cold case investigations. This includes death investigations, missing persons, and unidentified remains cases as well as rapes, sexual and physical assaults, stalking, domestic violence cases and elder abuse and child abuse cases. Virginia Braden […]

Recap #cclivechat July 27, 2012

A recap of an interesting #cclivechat, folks. We have a slate of court dates in cold cases: Ryan Guitron: first degree murder verdict against Vencil Ash. He will be sentenced on Aug 21. His girlfriend Kelly Meehan is awaiting trial and has a case status hearing in Aug 2012. John Heath is due back in court […]

Recap #cclivechat July 20, 2012

Ian Rivers continued his series on cyber-bullying today in #cclivechat. Our aim today was to dig further into cyber-bullying. We ended up exploring quite a few definitions, perceptions, and perimeters. For example, if people use their true identity online will they be more aware of their own behaviour online? If they decide to use a pseudonym […]

Recap #cclivechat Friday the 13th of July, 2012

This recap #cclivechat on Friday the 13th is a keeper! It was perfect to have a Bad Luck Detective as my guest! It is also special because it is illustrated by @McVladie who has been sending me pictures all week …. to set the mood! Suzie described her books, being a cop, when she knew that […]

Recap #cclivechat July 6, 2012

This recap #cclivechat is one to bookmark! Laura Madison explained what crisis mapping is, how it can be used in cold cases, and gave examples using the ongoing Colorado wildfires. Laura described herself as a “mom, research crimino-digitologist, poli junkie, vol tech comm outcast, crisisnapper, crowdsauce pilot JK!” I could not resist calling her out […]