Christian Bruyère takes an interest in Zeigler

Christian Bruyère takes an interest in Zeigler. Mr. Bruyère  and his company “Mystique Films” are based in Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver is the third largest motion picture production center in North America.

I could not be happier that Zeigler is getting more media attention. Yesterday was Zeigler’s birthday and a press conference was held outside the Orange County Courthouse.

Christian Bruyere, an independent filmmaker, announced he met for an hour and a half Tuesday with Zeigler on death row and watched the inmate tell his story and break down into tears. He is convinced, Bruyere said, that Zeigler deserves a new trial. Bruyere is a screen writer and producer whose films include little-known titles including “Smokescreen”, “Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story” and “Come Dance at My Wedding.”

Something needs clarification: some supporters think that with the surfacing of Mr. Robert Foster we have clear sailing to the finish line.


The fact that Mr. Foster does exist and is still alive is great news. I described that here. However, we have no proof that anything that Felton Thomas said they did (for example: pulling down the main lever at the outside of the store) was indeed done by Mr. Foster. We may be able to place him near the store (e.g. the gas station robbery) but we cannot place him at the furniture store at the time of the murders. As far as I know, there is no physical evidence (e.g. finger prints, DNA, etc) that ties Mr. Foster to the crime scene.

So what do we have?

We have another piece of evidence that the state mishandled the Zeigler case from day one. We have evidence that Det. Frye lied. I explained the consequences re Brady v Maryland in the post Zeigler Part XXI. But, we do not have clear sailing yet.

Because of this, I’d like to distance myself from everyone who claims that Mr. Foster was part of the robbery gang that attacked Zeigler that fateful night and that Mr. Foster is to blame for the homicides.

I do consider myself a Zeigler supporter however, until I see physical evidence that ties Mr. Foster to the crime scene (e.g. his prints are identified in the stack of bloody fingerprints the FBI has or, he is walking around with a bullet embedded somewhere in his body that can be traced back to the eight revolvers taken from the store or, we can prove that the mysterious tooth was his or, we find his DNA on Mrs. Zeigler’s coat, etc) I consider Mr. Foster an interesting person but not yet a person of interest whom I can suspect to be responsible for the quadruple murders.