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Guest blogging for GMA

Guest blogging for GMA was my pleasure and absolute honour. This UK based blog on human rights is from Global Minorities Alliance, a non-profit, non-governmental human rights organisation. They believe that all human beings, regardless of race, colour, religion or belief, faith or no faith, gender, or membership of another particular social group, should be treated […]

Unearthing a serial killer

Unearthing a serial killer by D. Paul and K.F. McMurray is a thin book but make no mistake. It is filled with details that make this book stay in your mind forever. The book tells the story of murder victims Gary Stymiloski, Beverly Capone, Antonella Mattina, and given the wallet content of the killer, maybe […]

Access to justice for children

Access to justice for children means that children, or their proper advocates where applicable, must be able to use and trust the legal system to protect their human rights. The Child Rights International Network (CRIN) is the first organization to publish a global overview to show how effectively children or their guardians can use the courts […]

Laura Jean Ackerson (1984 – 2011)

Laura Jean Ackerson (1984 – 2011) was last seen alive on July 13, 2011. Her dismembered remains were discovered 11 days later in a creek about 60 miles south of Houston, Texas. She was 27 years old and had two young sons. Grant Ruffin Hayes and his wife, Amanda Perry Hayes, were each charged with first-degree […]

Located in Canada: Johanna de Haas

Located in Canada: Johanna de Haas who was also known as Zwarte Jopie. Johanna’s full name was Johanna “Jopie” Atalia Gersina de Haas. Dutch police spoke at a conference with Canadian colleagues about Johanna. The Canadians found her in the Vancouver Island registers as passed away naturally September 12, 2010, at the age of 74. Apparently, Johanna […]

Evidentiary hearing for William Thomas Zeigler

Evidentiary hearing for William Thomas Zeigler for DNA testing pursuant to Section 925.11, Florida Statutes (2006) and Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.853 will be held on Thursday March 31, 2016, at 10:00 a.m., in courtroom 10-B, Orange County Courthouse, 425 North Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida. “On July 2, 2015, Zeigler filed a motion seeking DNA testing using […]

Case of the Month: Barbara and Patricia Grimes

Case of the Month: Barbara and Patricia Grimes left their home on December 28, 1956, to watch the Elvis Presley movie “Love me tender” in a theater close to their Chicago home. They had $2.50 with them. Barbara was 15 years old and her sister Patricia was 13. They never returned home. The sisters were […]