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National Murder Victims Remembrance Day

National Murder Victims Remembrance Day takes place on September 25. We mourn for all. And they know it. Somehow from beyond the victims give us the motivation and determination to keep searching. We keep reading articles about their cases and we check the comments. Who said what? Why? How do others respond to that? We […]

The Epuni Boys Home

The Epuni Boys Home in New Zealand was not a home at all. And just because you were in the care of the State did not mean that you were treated well. We saw in the previous post “Child Abuse in State Care” that some State Care Facilities were riddled with mismanagement, failing human resource standards, […]

The Boulin case is reopened

The Boulin case is reopened by the French prosecution and can have significant consequences for some politicians. The Telegraph reports that “the family’s lawyer, Marie Dosé, said new evidence had emerged indicating that Boulin, a decorated veteran of the French Resistance during the Second World War, was kidnapped on the night of his death at the […]

A new missing and unidentified database

A new missing and unidentified database developed by the Center for Investigative Reporting can help many families seeking information. “Founded in 1977, CIR is nationally respected for setting the highest journalistic standards, and for our signature approach to investigative reporting and collaboration.” On this page you can find out how to use their database. They have […]

Case of the Month: a look at Northeast Ohio

Case of the Month: a look at Northeast Ohio shows us how many cases we still need to solve. From Marilyn Sheppard to Anita Pratt, the list is endless. In May 2015, James Renner published 50 of Northeast Ohio’s most frustrating cases. The newspaper article is filled with cases that defy logic. Each has a […]