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FBI Animal House by Pete Klismet

FBI Animal House by Pete Klismet, writing as PJ Kline, is an overview of the author’s time at the Academy. The book opens with what can only be described as your worst nightmare: you are on a case, you see movement, and by accident you shoot your own colleague. Pete uses this as an example […]

Remembering Dottie & Bob Tidwell

Remembering Dottie & Bob Tidwell who were murdered on November 23, 1983. The couple was found in their Roanoke, Texas, home. Their house was set on fire to cover up what had been done and to get rid of evidence. The case is unsolved. Dottie Rowden Tidwell and Robert (Bob) Tidwell lived in the Oak Country Estates in […]

The Oberst Family Murders

The Oberst Family Murders happened in 1928, Kansas. Introducing us to the case is guest blogger Sue Baillie. ** Researching my family history took me to Tremont Township, Illinois, 1860 where my Greta-Great-Great uncle Jesse Chainey settled with his family after travelling from Kent, UK. As this branch of my family was now overseas I hadn’t […]

Case of the Month: Fiona Burns and John Lee

Fiona Burns and John Lee were friends. Their story is written by guest blogger and Australian journalist/author Emily Webb. Theirs is the Case of the Month. ** They were young and rebellious and living a life of what they thought was freedom. John Lee (14) and Fiona Burns (15) were hitchhiking across the South Australian-Victorian […]