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The Cold Case of Tamara Greene

The Cold Case of Tamara Greene remains a mystery. In the early morning hours of April 30, 2003, Tamara Greene was shot to death in a drive-by shooting. She was in a car with her boyfriend Eric Mitchell. Mitchell survived the shooting. The Detroit News described that Greene was in the driver’s seat and that they […]

R.I.P. Vernon Davids

R.I.P. Vernon Davids, trusted friend and attorney-at-law, passed away on May 11, 2015. He was 81 years old. Vernon was one of Tommy Zeigler’s original trial attorneys. Vernon Davids saved Tommy Zeigler’s life twice appealing before the Florida Supreme Court as Tommy was awaiting his execution. Together with Ralph “Terry” Hadley, they laid the foundation […]

Cops, crooks, and 3D printers

Get used to the word combination” Cops, crooks, and 3D printers” because it is a thing. Lorenzo Simon can tell you all about it. He thought that he could get away with murdering his housemate Michael Spalding by chopping his body in pieces and burning some of Spalding’s bones. However, it is 2015 and Simon […]

Case of the Month: Laura Kempton (1958-1981)

Case of the Month: Laura Kempton (1958-1981) was found on Monday morning Sept 28, 1981, by a police officer (now retired) inside her apartment. She was 23 years old. Laura was a student at the Portsmouth Beauty School (New Hampshire). In her spare time, Laura worked at Macro Polo, Inc. and Karen’s Ice Cream Parlor. Laura […]