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Blood of the Rose by Kevin Murray

One evening over an excellent dinner, my friend David Swinson and I were complaining about mistakes made in TV shows related to cops, crime, and corpses. Our families wholeheartedly agreed that we both spoil movies for them and gladly send us out of the room so they can watch in peace. With this background information […]

Update Albert Ray McQueen

Update Albert Ray McQueen was made possible after emails with his family. I quote: “Albert was missing for a year before his bones were found in 1980. Two siblings went up to the gorge and they are the ones who found his glasses and a piece of his vertebrae that the police missed. He was […]

The long-awaited review report of the Crewe Murders

The long-awaited review report of the Crewe Murders can be found here but it may not hold the answers to all the issues that we discussed here on my blog. If you open the first link you will see the website with a short clip on the review. Below is the report in parts or […]

Update: the Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask, a mystery we can solve even today. Yes, I can see you frown. Is this not a case from way back then? Yes, but that does not mean we can forget about victims, can we? I blogged about this case and I repost the link here so you can read up on […]

Jack Absolute

Jack Absolute by C.C. Humphreys was not a targeted purchase. I bought it on sale when Books-A-Million was still alive here. The cover art appealed to me. It may be difficult to see on the picture but the cover is a three-fold piece of art. The bottom is a map that portrays part of the […]