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Recap #CrimeChat Jan 27, 2014

Recap #CrimeChat Jan 27, 2014 that was dedicated to the three Beaumont Children who disappeared on January 26, 1966. Jane, Grant, and Arnna Beaumont were the children of Jim & Nancy. I wrote a case analyses and that post is one of the most popular on my blog. It is called “In search of Jane, […]

Sum it Up! #49

Sum it Up! #49 is brought to you by a blogger who is tired of high winds, cold, and freezing temps. I am now accepting proposals to move to sunny, warm places. A mistrial was declared in the case against David McLeod. The  jurors failed to reach a verdict. McLeod was on trial for the Hina […]

Guest blog post: Adam Banner on favorite legal films

Guest blog post: Adam Banner on favorite legal films and why he loves them. Adam is a criminal defense attorney. We recently got into a discussion about online behaviour. He mentioned that he and his staff blog as well. Their current challenge: to find the best legal films. __________________________ If there is one thing lawyers […]

Interview on Psycholinguistics with Pete Klismet

Psycholinguistics Pete, a couple of weeks ago when we were chatting, I asked you if profiles could be done on a person’s writing. You surprised me with your answer. Can you tell me and my readers a little more about what you said and why you said it? Well, my quick answer was ‘yes.’ I […]

Sum it Up! #48

Sum it Up! #48 is an eclectic batch of cowboys, cases and conferences that you may wish to put on your calendar. Markus Schantz left the legal profession. His blog “Chicago Criminal Defense” has excellent posts about law and a cold case. Markus has embarked on a multi-pronged career. He is writing and works as a […]

Mr. Heineken, Sir. It is over.

Mr. Heineken, Sir. It is over. That is how I translate the title of Gert van Beek’s excellent book “Meneer Heineken, het is voorbij.” Much has been written about the Heineken & Doderer kidnapping. However, this is the first work written by a police officer. It shows the reader exactly how police found the kidnapped duo, […]