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Recap #CrimeChat Jan 27, 2014

Recap #CrimeChat Jan 27, 2014 that was dedicated to the three Beaumont Children who disappeared on January 26, 1966. Jane, Grant, and Arnna Beaumont were the children of Jim & Nancy. I wrote a case analyses and that post is one of the most popular on my blog. It is called “In search of Jane, […]

Sum it Up! #49

Sum it Up! #49 is brought to you by a blogger who is tired of high winds, cold, and freezing temps. I am now accepting proposals to move to sunny, warm places. A mistrial was declared in the case against David McLeod. The  jurors failed to reach a verdict. McLeod was on trial for the Hina […]

Critique Night Jan 21, 2014

Critique Night Jan 21, 2014  featured three bloggers who voluntarily opened up their blogs to the #bloggab crew for a critical group review. Patrick Phillips, the organizer, is better at explaining this. From his blog Patrick’s Place: “The idea is that once a month — the third Tuesday of every month — we as a […]

Guest blog post: Adam Banner on favorite legal films

Guest blog post: Adam Banner on favorite legal films and why he loves them. Adam is a criminal defense attorney. We recently got into a discussion about online behaviour. He mentioned that he and his staff blog as well. Their current challenge: to find the best legal films. __________________________ If there is one thing lawyers […]

Interview on Psycholinguistics with Pete Klismet

Psycholinguistics Pete, a couple of weeks ago when we were chatting, I asked you if profiles could be done on a person’s writing. You surprised me with your answer. Can you tell me and my readers a little more about what you said and why you said it? Well, my quick answer was ‘yes.’ I […]

Sum it Up! #48

Sum it Up! #48 is an eclectic batch of cowboys, cases and conferences that you may wish to put on your calendar. Let’s start with this: my first guest blog post for 2014 is coming out today. My host are the terrific bloggers over at Virginia is for Bloggers! The post is about my Top […]

The January 2014 Carnival

The January 2014 Carnival is off to a great start and I am so excited! This is the first year that I organize these carnivals. It was a bit of a gamble to see whether it would take off but .. well, see for yourself! The theme for January is New Beginnings and for each […]