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Sum it Up! #42

This Sum it Up was about great blog posts. Paul Cutler‘s “A Barrister’s Blog” got voted most favourite Australian legal blog on the blog from the Separovic Injury Lawyers. Congrats to Paul! Suzie Ivie had an interesting MJ weekend and I do not mean that’s she was moonwalking her thriller beat. No, she was at […]

10Qs for Kathryn Johnson

10Qs for Kathryn Johnson. This is one busy lady! She is the founder of, an author’s mentoring service based in Silver Spring, Maryland. Kathryn writes under her own name and as Mary Hart Perry. She also has served as judge on the Edgar Awards Committee for the Mystery Writers of America and is Vice President of the […]

Guest Post from Barb Drozdowich.

Guest Post: “The Author’s Guide to Working With Book Bloggers!” This guest post is courtesy of Barb Drozdowich. Barb and I met when she got me to take part in Blog Tour de Troops. Barb is a Social Media and WordPress Consultant and has taught at University, trained technical staff in the banking industry and, most […]

10Qs for McVladie

10Qs for McVladie. Is it McVladie or, is it Carlota? And who is Vilhelm? This author is as mysterious as her avatar. Her website is in the making so the only things we have now are bits and pieces that I found around the blogosphere. Carlota L McNally-McDougall was born November 16, 1962 in Dallas, Texas. […]

Case of the Month: Bernice Martin

Case of the Month: Bernice Martin. On March 8, 1987, fire fighters found Mrs. Bernice Martin inside the Mayfair Gardens Elderly Housing Complex, Manchester, Connecticut. She had been brutally beaten and passed away that same night in the hospital. The fire department found her front door locked but the glass sliding door in the back open. The […]

The Crewe Murders: review or re-investigation?

The Crewe Murders: review or re-investigation? The New Zealand Herald reports about the latest efforts made to solve the 1970 Crewe Murders however, what they report worries me. “Arthur Allan Thomas has been re-interviewed by police investigating the 1970 murders of Harvey and Jeannette Crewe, one of New Zealand’s best-known unsolved crimes. Mr Thomas spent nine years […]