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Unsolved but not forgotten

Unsolved but not forgotten, the Post Crescent shows us what can still be done to make sure that unsolved homicides are not forgotten. I came by this article through the Twitter account of John Ferak.  John has a long history in researching criminal cases. Just check his blog on the Murdock Murders. Gannett Wisconsin Media is […]

Updated information about Danny Goldman

Paul Novack alerted me that the site has been updated. I like to draw your attention to some important official documents. I quote: “In 1968 and 1972, statements were made that implicate who was involved and what was done. Danny was murdered on Miami Beach shortly after his abduction from Surfside, and his remains were cast into […]

Progress in some cold cases

We have seen some real progress lately in unsolved homicides. Some of our missing have been found, trials in decade old cold cases are ongoing, and forensic science is facilitating the progress that law enforcement is making in solving cold cases. The more we read about this the better the chances that other cold cases will […]

Trial started for 1985 Blakelock murder

Trial started for 1985 Blakelock murder, something we did not think we would see any time soon. Nicholas Jacobs will stand trial for this murder. Blakelock was 40 when he died. he was married with three children. Three men – Winston Silcott, Mark Braithwaite and Engin Raghip – were convicted in March 1987 of Pc Blakelock’s […]

On ReInventLaw – London – Oxford – Glasgow and meeting friends!

On ReInventLaw – London – Oxford – Glasgow and meeting friends! Last month, I had the chance to speak at ReInvent Law in London and to travel to Oxford and Glasgow. I had been looking forward to this trip for a long time and not just because of the conference. This trip would give me […]