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New developments in the 1966 Danny Goldman case

New developments in the 1966 case of Danny Goldman involve a connection to a known criminal and a link to Danny’s girlfriend. From CBS Miami: “Joe Cacciatore, Chicken Cacciatore, as he was known, was an accomplished thief and burglar closely aligned with mob boss Santo Trafficante Jr. A serious player, Chicken was known to be operating […]

Verdict against Jasper S. expected April 19, 2013

Verdict against Jasper S. expected April 19, 2013. Jasper S. is of course standing trial re the 1999 rape-murder of Marianne Vaatstra. The prosecution asked for 20 years however, his lawyer thinks that is too much and expects a sentence of 15 years. He does not consider Marianne’s murder proven beyond a reasonable doubt. He […]

Jacques on blogging

Jacques’ #crimechat answers on blogging: the questions you posted in #crimechat March 22, 2013 answered below: Before I answer your great questions, I would like to tell you a bit more about blogging, search engines and how to get rich quickly. Blogging When people ask me if they should start blogging, I usually answer ‘no‘. […]

Sum it Up! #40

Sum it Up! #40 There are a few cases that I am watching: The Italian Supreme Court heard arguments today re Amanda Knox. The story on CNN is here. The issue of extradition will most likely fail since the US Constitution prohibits that someone faces another prosecution on substantially the same charges (double jeopardy). Note […]

Recap #crimechat March 22, 2013: the tech side of blogging

Recap #crimechat March 22, 2013: the tech side of blogging this #crimechat was an attempt to collect your questions related to the technical side of blogging. The tech side kept me from blogging for a long time. I would see a blog, think that I could do that too, and then … wonder about a million […]

The Caughlin family: enough!

Enough energy has been put into asking, begging the OPP to re-evaluate the cold case of Karen Caughlin. Their hearts broken since Karen’s murder in 1974, the family has decided to stop talking to the media. From the and sent to me by Kathy Caughlin: “Two years after calling for the external review, Caughlin says […]

#crimechat March 22: Tech Talk!

#crimechat March 22: Tech Talk! I will be collecting questions about the tech side of blogging between 10-1pm EST. All these questions will be answered by my tech man and webmaster par excellence: Jacques Soudan. If you use Twitter: tweet me your blogging related question and add the hashtag #crimechat. I will collect all those […]

Jasper S. faces the judge re 1999 Vaatstra murder

Jasper S. faces the judge re 1999 Vaatstra murder. The hearing took place on Feb 27, 2013. Jasper S. did not speak during this hearing. An ongoing debate in the Netherlands is of course, the punishment. Is Jasper S. insane? Should he go to a mental institution? How did he keep this crime a secret? During the night […]