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Kathy Whorton’s case on TV March 10, 2013

Kathy Whorton’s case on TV March 10, 2013 Great news in the cold case of Kathy Whorton: her case will be discussed by Paula Zahn. The program is “On the Case with Paula Zahn” and it will be on the Investigation Discovery Channel (I.D. Channel). Paula’s TV schedule is here but as I post this, the last […]

Zeigler DNA Appeal denied

From the Orlando Sentinel: “The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday denied an appellate motion by convicted killer Tommy Zeigler, the latest ruling in his three-plus-decade fight to get off death row.  Tommy appealed to the state Supreme Court after a circuit judge denied his request to have DNA tests performed on his clothing from the […]

Recap #CrimeChat Feb 16, 2013

Recap #CrimeChat Feb 16, 2013 Subject: King Richard III A fascinating 90+ minutes with a line-up of great people on Twitter all discussing the finding of Richard’s skeleton, his armour, his reign and fate, and of course … could he have killed his older brother’s children. As requested, some links: my mini-series on the cold […]

Update Jimmy Stanaway

Jimmy Stanaway’s family has sent me a picture that I may use on my blog from Jimmy with his sister Donna. Jimmy Stanaway was born on Dec 5 in 1966. Everyone knew his simply as “Jimmy.” This nickname was also his well-known signature which became the feature on his headstone. Jimmy was the manager of a […]

Recap #crimechat Feb 10, 2013

Crimechat recap from Feb 10, 2013. Our subject: Richard III & the Princes in the Tower. There was so much to talk about. We did not even have time to talk about the recent discoveries, the facial reconstruction, where to rebury the King and more. Richard III (October 2, 1452 – August 22, 1485) was King of England […]

Open letter from M. Holmes re Tess Hilt

Open letter from M. Holmes re Tess Hilt. Michall has been very active in trying to get justice for Tess. This letter, printed with his permission, is an update about the case. Open letter from M. Holmes: “Hi V, It is almost 11 months ago since we began to defrost Tess’ case. Tess was brutally murdered […]