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What happened to Albert Ray McQueen?

What happened to Albert Ray McQueen? On March 1979, Albert Ray McQueen was committed to Eastern State Hospital, a Kentucky mental institution, by court order. On March 23, 1979, McQueen somehow left the hospital. He was reported missing six weeks later on May 2, 1979! In this time period, then hospital director Ralph claimed that […]

The case of Eddie Gilfoyle

The case of Eddie Gilfoyle is anything but straightforward or clear cut. His pregnant wife’s estimated time of dead occurred hours before she was found. In that time period, Eddie was at work. Paula was portrait as a happily expecting first time mom while she had a history of a suicide attempt and on no […]

Trial in 1999 Marianne Vaatstra murder

Jasper S. will be brought to court to stand trial for the 1999 murder of Marianne Vaatstra. The trial date is set for February 27, 2013. Marianne Vaatstra was sixteen years old when she was found raped and murdered. On September 29, 2012, police in the Netherlands began a “DNA relationship testing” in a 5 km radius […]

Heath murder trial delayed to March

John Heath’s murder trial delayed. It is now set for March 20, 2013. The CT Post writes “John Heath, the Newtown man who was charged last year with his wife’s decades-old murder, had his trial at Danbury Superior Court continued to March 20, according to the city’s state’s attorney’s office.  His attorney, Frank O’Reilly, previously derided the prosecution’s case […]

#crimechat: Richard Lee Waggoner

The first #crimechat of 2013 is dedicated to a cold case with zero media attention: the shooting death of Richard Lee Waggoner. Imagine losing a family member to a murder that never got solved. Nobody to stand trial, nobody convicted for this crime. Nobody who can bring you any news. And then the silence … […]