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The Justice Gap on Wrongful Convictions

Kim Evans wrote an excellent summary for the Justice Gap about the Criminal Appeal Lawyers Association (CALA) conference on Wrongful Convictions from last week. I quote: “At our Justice Gap debate, Francis FitzGibbon QC, of Doughty Street Chambers, kicked off proceedings by asking why should anyone care about the wrongly convicted.” Do we still care or do we […]

Recap #cclivechat April 27, 2012

Gavin Ward continued his chats on blogging, Google + and SEO. Gavin dove into Pinterest and the changed T&C that worried folks and hindered some from signing up. A lot has changed so you might want to explore it. We talked about DuckDuckGo and if you never tried this search engine, you should! It shows different […]

The 1985 cold case of Lisa Cay Kroeyr

Lisa Cay Kroeyr (22) from Saginaw, Michigan, was found drowned, partially clothed, and her hands were bound before she died. Two divers from the Saginaw Area Water Rescue and Recovery Team pulled Lisa’s body from the river. She was floating face-down about 100 feet south of the bridge. Lisa was dressed from the waist up in […]

Zeigler: evil killer or parent-to-be?

Zeigler: evil killer or parent-to-be? Something has been bothering me immensely in the Zeigler case. I know, many things bother me in this case! But this is something I have not blogged about before. It is about the life term insurance policies and Zeigler’s bank accounts. It has been stated over and over again that […]

Is this the car that killed Karen Caughlin?

A 1970 Plymouth Road Runner, could this be the car that killed Karen Caughlin? The paper Sarnia This Week wants to know. Several people have wondered about this. They remembered that they used to own a car just like that. So they called Crime Stoppers and waited. When nothing happened they went to the authorities. Nothing […]

Recap #cclivechat April 20, 2012

A #cclivechat not to forget! We discussed a difficult topic with a novel way to try and help the authorities catch the bad guys: child molesters. Gary Lee Walters discussed having a database in which the backgrounds of child abuse images are filed and made available to the public in hopes that someone recognizes the […]

Cops in action: Barton & Ivy

Cops in action: Barton & Ivy. I finished reading two powerful books by two cop authors: Chad Barton and Suzie Ivy. If you are into law enforcement, you will like them both. Barton’s book “the Goodbye Man” features a gorgeous German Shepard, Sadie, who accompanies her boss Jack Steele wherever he goes. Jack, a retired cop […]

Zeigler, Part XXI: Legal Consequences

Zeigler, Part XXI: Legal Consequences of the false arrest report and the lies told by Detective Frye under oath? We have to go back to the initial trial when Mr. Zeigler was defended by Mr. Ralph V. Hadley, III. Mr. Hadley started the Zeigler trial from the assumption that the documents he had received were […]