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Manhunter’s Mountain by Wayne D. Dundee

Manhunter’s Mountain by Wayne D. Dundee. After hearing very sad news yesterday, I could not fall asleep so I decided to pick up a short story to help distract my mind. David Cranmer and I have been connected on Twitter for some time with me teasing him to make his “Cash Lamarie” series available for Nook. I […]

Recap #cclivechat Feb 17, 2012

This recap of CCLiveChat is courtesy of Sue Carney. Today saw a massive turnout of cold case live chat stalwarts, old and new, for a regular-style cold case brainstorming session. Sadly, just as chat began, Alice got the tragic news of the death of her friend Phillip Finch, staunch supporter in the Zeigler case. As Alice […]

R.I.P. Phillip Finch 1948-2012

R.I.P. Phillip Finch 1948-2012: I just heard that a friend and a fierce supporter in the fight to get justice for William Thomas Zeigler, passed away. Phillip Finch died at the age of 63 after losing the battle to cancer. He was a journalist and author of 14 published books and two screenplays. He started working […]

#CCLiveChat recap Feb 10, 2012

In this CCLiveChat, Andrew Wade who introduced us to fire investigations. Andrew is a world renowned forensic scientist with over 30 years experience as a practitioner. He joined the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory in the chemistry section where he reported on numerous cases as a court going officer. In 1989 he transferred internally to the […]

Update Silvia Pettem’s new book

Update Silvia Pettem’s new book. “Cold Case Research” is in production now and will be on the market July 2012. As per the earlier post, we did not have a cover design at that time. Now we do! A description of the book can be found here. Silvia has extensive experience with all aspects of cold […]

Prep #cclivechat with Andrew Wade

This Friday, we will be joined by Andrew Wade for #cclivechat and I have some burning questions for him. We have seen many cases re-investigated in the USA where forensic arson detection plays a role. I pointed you to the case of Han Tak Lee in my previous Sum it up! and now we have […]

Guest post by Linda Poitevin: Blog Tours 101!

Guest post by Linda Poitevin: Blog Tours 101! by guest blogger and author Linda Poitevin! Linda generously agreed to share some secrets with us related to blog tours. As you know, DCC participated in some blog tours and I have met some great people and authors this way. That in turn resulted in collaborations, book […]

Guest post by Sue Carney: Blood Pattern Analysis

Blood Pattern Analysis: A follow up to #cclivechat of Feb 3, 2012, Part I (or, How I Punched a Side of Pork in a Sheffield Morgue) by Sue Carney ___________ In this week’s #cclivechat we focused on blood pattern analysis. The previous week we’d touched on the issues of whether it might be possible to […]