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Recap #CCLiveChat January 27, 2012

A great CCLiveChat in which the case of the missing Beaumont Children featured. Jane Nartare (9), Arnna Kathleen (7), and Grant Ellis (4), known as the Beaumont Children, disappeared from Glenelg Beach, near Adelaide, South Australia, on January 26, 1966. Their disappearance is to this day Australia’s best known cold case. Losing their children in such […]

The Beaumont Children: 1966 – 2012

Forty-six years ago, Jim and Nancy Beaumont were confronted with a nightmare that has been ongoing ever since. Their beloved children, all three of their children, vanished without a trace. It broke their hearts, their hopes, and their marriage. Over the years, South Adelaide Police did investigate more leads. They checked into child serial rapist […]

Get Loaded – Blog Tour

Get Loaded – Blog Tour. The latest tour from Blog Tour de Force! It runs from January 23rd to January 27th, 2012 and will give DCC readers the opportunity to get free eBooks from a variety of authors. This five day blog tour will feature one author each day. This blog tour is set up like a […]

Recap #cclivechat Jan 20, 2012

In this cclivechat we were joined by Gavin Ward to continue the crash course on blogging that he had started last November 11, 2011. You can read that recap here. Gavin Ward is Operations Director at Moore Legal Technology (formerly search & social media marketing manager). They help law firms, lawyers, barristers and businesses generate profitable business online. […]

We say NO to SOPA!

By now you should have heard or read about SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). On Wednesday January 18th, there will be a hearing about this web-crippling law in Congress. And although you might have heard that some politicians halted their support, the bill is NOT cancelled. Neither is it Senate’s equivalent, called PIPA. One of […]

Recap #CCLiveChat Jan 13, 2012

Friday the 13th and CCLiveChat, what can go wrong. It was tempting fate and indeed something happened. Air plane delays messed up Richard Case‘s travel plans. Our #CCLiveChat therefore began much early with questions and answers send via email and Twitter. At the noon hour, several other CSI folks jumped in and we learned a […]