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Sum it Up #32

There is a lot going on this week so time for a Sum it Up! So much in fact, that I spent more time reading than digging into cold cases. But there is a time for everything so more posts about cold cases can be expected soon. I am checking for updates in the cold […]

Sentencing Bernard Jackson

From the Pitch: “Bernard Jackson‘s sentencing is scheduled for September 30, 9 a.m.” Jackson could be sentenced to 30 years in prison.  Jackson is also charged with rapes in the same area where five rapes occurred between September 2009 and February 2010. UPDATE: Bernard Jackson (53) was found guilty in July on seven counts of rape stemming from assaults […]

Sum it Up #31

In this Sum it Up: Steve Mariotti has part two out from his series “How and Why I Teach in Prisons.” The link is here. A small quote: “A sad fact of prison life is that within three years of entry a majority of prisoners have no contact with the outside world; they lose all […]

Sum it Up #30

A great morning to write a Sum it Up, drinking drinking coffee, and making my round around the blogs. It is great to see people blogging. But before we get to the blogs, we must first pause. The mother of Suzie Lamplugh has passed away. She fought hard after Suzie disappeared to find her daughter and […]

UPDATED: Interesting web find re Sharron Prior

UPDATED: Interesting web find re Sharron Prior. An interesting web find and I could use your help to figure out what it really means: “What ever happened to mike french. he was cut up into little pieces for raping sharron prior.She was the daughter of one of his decieced brothers.Mike and his buddy ,we all know who […]

Sum it Up #29

A mixed week in this Sum it Up. Mixed because I did a lot and also, nothing at all. Caught some typos on the blog posts, rewrote the FAQ homepage, but did not add much blogging. Why? Good questions! I had no clue until I opened the file with bookmarks. Then it was clear what […]