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Week 51: Sum it up!

Week 51: Sum it up! There is so much progress in cold case investigations that I could easily write about 10 new posts but I am not gonna! Instead, I will give you the names and links so you can follow what I read this week. Progress in UK cold case investigation resulted in justice when  Judge John […]

The 1975 murder of Sharron Prior

The 1975 murder of Sharron Prior. Joe Giacalone and I teamed up to explore the nightmare that has haunted Point-St.-Charles ever since. We read the website that was made for Sharron and all the newspaper articles. Below are our observations and first reactions. What happened? Sharron (16) disappeared on March 29, 1975 after leaving from her home […]

Sum it up! #50

I am in the sun room, blogging, checking that the links on the “cases” page work (hat tip to Evie from the Whimsical Quill), and reading around the blogs. I need a break hence this “sum it up!” post. Joe and I are teaming up to work on a 1975 old unsolved murder case from Canada so […]

Gregory McRoberts: hit-and-run victim

On Dec 12, 1991, Gregory McRoberts (24) was struck while riding his bicycle around 7 pm. He was near his home at 1862 S. Meridian in Lee Township (Michigan) according to Sheriff Jerry Nielsen. There is an article about this heartbreaking case on and I highly recommend reading it. Greg was reported missing on December 16, […]

Zeigler, Part XVII

In my previous post “Zeigler, Part XVI“, I referred to the Jellison tape that was conveniently kept from the defense team. It was only recovered in April of 1987, when Zeigler’s lawyers made a Florida Public Records Act request for the files of the State Attorney in Orlando. That’s when they discovered (aside from the “Buried Thompson report”) […]

Who killed Connie Sue Madvig?

The Harris County authorities in Texas need your help i the cold case of Connie Sue Madvig. On June 27, 1977, 18-year-old Connie was found in a wooded area near Aldine Westfield and East Cypresswood in Spring, Texas. She had been stabbed to death. Connie was last seen alive on June 23, 1977, walking to a store after […]

Sum it up! #49

As Cold Case Investigators know, there is no telling how fast you will make progress in a cold case. In this Sum it up we talk about that.  I have worked on several cases that have not been posted on DCC yet for the simple reason that I wish to add more details. You see, […]