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Riley Fox’s murderer gets life

Riley Fox’ murderer Scott Eby’s plea bargain was accepted yesterday by Will County (IL) Judge Richard Schoenstedt. Before his sentence, Eby rose and addressed the courtroom briefly. He apologized to Riley‘s parents saying that he wished he could trade his life to bring her back. In June of 2004, the body of Riley Fox(3) was pulled from a […]

Who killed Juan Antonio Espinosa?

The Arizona Daily Star published an appeal for help in the 1996 shooting of Juan Antonio Espinosa. “The 19-year-old construction worker and his friend went cruising on June 23, 1996. Around 10 p.m., the friend pulled his 1986 Cadillac into the parking lot of a Checker Auto Parts store on South Sixth Avenue to make a U-turn […]

Vidocq presents… Rita Handrich!

Rita Handrich is trained as a psychologist and has been a trial consultant with Keene Trial Consulting  since 2000. Starting in 2008, she became Editor of the The Jury Expert (a free on-line trial skills publication of the American Society of Trial Consultants). Rita tweets at her firm account @keenetrial (sometimes) and @thejuryexpert (always). Get […]

No grants for Tacoma, Pierce County Cold Cases

The News Tribune brings us the sad news that the Tacoma Police and Pierce County Sheriff’s departments in Washington will not get the federal funding that would enable them to set up full-time “cold case” squads. The National Institute of Justice recently announced the 2010 grants that will allow law enforcement agencies to devote detectives exclusively […]

Zeigler, Part XV

Zeigler, Part XV: “Just testify that you were Zeigler’s homosexual lover and we’ll help you out!” A Florida, Orange County woman in her 80’s, reads an affidavit that she signed alleging that the state tried to get her son to testify that he was William Thomas Zeigler’s homosexual lover. As you know, the state went through great […]

Zeigler gets a new DNA hearing!

Zeigler gets a new DNA hearing! The Orlando Sentinel reports that an Orange Circuit Judge has granted long-time death row inmate Tommy Zeigler an evidentiary hearing more than a year after the man convicted of killing his in-laws, his wife, and another man on Christmas Eve 1975 filed a Petition_and_Proposed_Order[1] in his case. The order granting […]

Dennis Anderson found dead

Dennis Anderson, a convicted killer that federal authorities believed was in Escambia County, was found hanged in a Pensacola motel room last Friday, according to The Harris County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office. He was wanted for obstruction of an investigation by tampering with evidence of a human corpse and was a suspect in a woman’s murder in […]