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Vidocq presents… Thomas Valenti

Thomas Valenti has been a litigator throughout his legal career on behalf of plaintiffs involved with personal injury claims or on behalf of commercial and insurance defendants. He was involved in many jury trials as well as bench trials, arbitration hearings, and mediations. After the disaster in Haiti, Thomas teamed up with Alan Gross (a NY […]

Zeigler, Part XIV

After speaking with William Thomas Zeigler’s relatives, more information came out that shows that people have been tampering with the crime scene. When Mr. Zeigler arrived in the hospital for emergency surgery, law enforcement officers contacted the Zeigler family to let them know that he was shot. At that time, nobody yet knew where his wife […]

Arrest in 20 year old Potes Case

Capital murder charges were filed last Thursday in the 1990 Potes murders, investigators with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said. Andre Sloan, the suspect, is currently serving a life sentence in prison for a 1992 triple murder in the Houston area. Investigators now believe he was also among a group of men who broke into a […]

Update Skinner

From the Texas Moratorium Network: On October 13, 2010 the U.S. Supreme Court will hear Skinner v. Switzer to determine whether Hank Skinner‘s request for DNA testing can be considered as a civil rights claim rather than as part of his death penalty appeal. Skinner has always maintained his innocence. Mr. Skinner has asked for […]

Update Bennett Family-Patricia Smith

More details are popping up in the news about the night that the Bennett Family was murdered. Bruce Bennett apparently repeatedly climbed the staircase of his home in the early morning hours of Jan. 16, 1984, desperately fighting a man who sneaked into his home with a knife and hammer to attack him, his wife, […]

Jackie Johns trial update

Jackie Johns trial update: in 2007, investigators said that DNA analysis of blood in Jackie Johns’ abandoned car linked Gerald Carnahan to the crime scene, and he was charged with first-degree murder.  He’s now on trial in St. Louis County Circuit Court, Missouri. Two former crime scene investigators took the stand. Both Dwight McNiel, a former […]

Vidocq presents… Natasha Phillips

Natasha Phillips is a non-practicing barrister working for pressure groups like Justice For Families, which combine political and legal policy proposals with a view to reforming the Family Justice System.  She is the founder of ‘Divorce Manual’, ‘Researching Reform’ and ‘Pod It Forward’ in England, projects which focus on encouraging pragmatic reforms within the English Family Justice […]

Henderson suspect gives handwriting sample

A state judge ordered Jason Lee McCormick yesterday to provide handwriting samples for investigators to compare with what was written on a murder victim’s body. Immediately after the judge handed down the order, a Honolulu Police Department document examiner was in the courtroom to retrieve the samples. McCormick, 36, is awaiting trial for second-degree murder […]