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New leads in 1955 Alice Barton case

The BBC reports police have new leads in the unsolved murder of Alice Barton (49). She was killed in 1955. Her body was found in Woodchurch, Birkenhead, UK. Her murderer has never been caught and the case remains open. Merseyside Police’s Serious Crime Review Unit recently received new information. A spokeswoman would not comment on reports that a […]

Colorado’s Cold Cases go online!

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s (CBI) Cold Case Unit, in partnership with, announced the launch of an online Cold Case Database that citizens may access via the official state Web site at This is the first time the public will have online access to this data, which was previously managed in paper and computer […]

Zeigler, Part XIII

Zeigler, Part XIII WARNING: this post contains actual crime scene photographs. They are very graphic. The photographs are not included to sensationalize the case. They are included because they tell a story. If you scroll down and continue to read, you will view them at your own risk. ________________________________________________________________ Zeigler’s first trial attorney Ralph “Terry” […]

The 1985 murder of Vincent Paul Caciola

Vincent Paul Caciola (known as “Vince”) was reported missing on August 14, 1985 by his wife, Kimberly Rene Caciola (now Ms. Kimberly Grubbs). She said she left him at home late in the evening to get some items from her office on Naval Air Station (NAS) Patuxent River, Maryland. When she came back around midnight, […]

Paula Ream’s remains stolen

Lancaster, PA: Police are looking for the thief who dug up Paula Ream‘s remains and coffin and disappeared into the night. Police said someone went into the Riverview Memorial Cemetery along the 1200 block of South Duke Street in Lancaster late Thursday night or early Friday morning and dug up Paula Ream’s grave. Paula Ream was […]

Daniel Dougherty and Forensic Arson Detection

Daniel Dougherty was found guilty of deliberately igniting fires in his home that killed his two sons, Danny(4) and Johnny(3) in 1985. Police arrested Dougherty 14 years later, when his estranged wife came forward and claimed he confessed. A jury found him guilty on capital murder charges in 2000. He is awaiting his execution. His case […]