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Update Elizabeth Heath

Nearly three weeks since Elizabeth Heath‘s remains were found, the medical examiner still has not identified the cause of death, police said. “They’re still doing forensic testing,” Police Chief Michael Kehoe said of staff at the state Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Kehoe said the medical examiner’s office has more work to do before […]

Riley Fox case solved

An imprisoned sex offender will be charged with the 2004 murder of 3-year-old Riley Fox, a crime that Riley’s father originally confessed to committing. It’s been a terrible ordeal for the family because even with DNA clearing Kevin in 2005, many people persisted in the belief that he was guilty,” Kathleen Zellner, the Fox family’s […]

Update Quang Lu

Police believed millionaire loan shark Quang Lu was murdered shortly after he disappeared in October 2007. The discovery of a body in a barrel last week on Sunday proved the prediction by police specializing in Asian organized crime was correct. Homicide detectives said Tuesday the well-preserved body of Quang Lu known on the streets as […]

Update Toronto’s Quang Lu

Police have identified the body found encrusted in cement, inside a barrel that was pulled from Lake Ontario, as that of Quang Lu. The 47-year-old man went missing from Markham in October 2007 after returning from a trip to China. Police told 680News Lu was known to them and had ties to Asian organized crime. The barrel […]

Michael Leo Resk

On December 9, 1955, around 2am in the morning, police received a call from a taxi driver. He had seen a delivery van parked on Acadia Street, at the corner with Roome, in an unusual way. Police found the body of Michael Leo Resk inside the Chevrolet delivery truck.  This is the oldest case on HRP’s Unsolved Major Crimes […]

Halifax Unsolved Crimes

Halifax Unsolved Crimes. Today, I’d like to draw your attention to some Canadian Cold Cases. The Halifax Regional Police has a website with links dedicated to their unsolved crimes and they are asking for your help. I am shamelessly copying their list since they did their’s so well! You see the names of the victims involved, incident date, and […]