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US Sixth Amendment extended

US Sixth Amendment extended ensuring that immigrants have a constitutional right to be told by their lawyers whether pleading guilty to a crime could lead to their deportation, the Supreme Court said Wednesday. The high court’s ruling extends the Constitution’s Sixth Amendment guarantee of ”effective assistance of counsel” in criminal cases to immigration advice, especially […]

Zeigler, Part VI

Zeigler, Part VI: On Preliminary Crime Scene Approach & Investigation Orange County Sheriff’s Office Detective Donald Frye was on duty in the Crime against Persons Section. After investigating the crime scene, he concluded that these four people did not die at the same time. With that, I agree. According to Frye, Mays had been shot […]

Zeigler, Part V

Zeigler, Part V: The Bodies Mr. Charlie Mays was savagely beaten, his face disfigured with blood coming through his skull, and he had been shot twice in the abdomen (once from the front and once from the back). Judging from the blood splatters, Mays had been beaten to death where he was found. The killer […]

Zeigler, Part IV

On March 12, 1976, Robert Eagan, then state attorney, wrote to Mayor Marvin Peele, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and the Orange County Court House, that he is very concerned about the way the evidence in the Zeigler case is being handled. The entire letter is here: In Dec 1975, a quadruple murder took place […]

Hawley Harvey Crippen

Hawley Harvey Crippen.  I enjoyed reading Crippen by John Boyne. On 18 October, 1910, almost 100 years ago, the murder trial of Dr Hawley Crippen started at the Old Bailey. It gripped the public, as had his flight with his mistress who was dressed as a boy and the police chase across the Atlantic. But US researchers suggested that […]

Hagy pleads no contest, sentenced to life

William R. Hagy Jr., convicted of first-degree murder for strangling a Roanoke woman in 1984, pleaded no contest today to the 1985 murder of another woman in her Old Southwest home and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Hagy, 49, was sentenced to two concurrent life terms by Roanoke Circuit Judge William Broadhurst. Under a plea […]

DNA: a civil right?

The Houston Chronicle has an interesting article related on DNA as related  to the Skinner case. It discusses that the United States Supreme Court (USSC) must consider if inmates’ requests for DNA testing can be handled as civil rights claims — a question that has split the nation’s top federal courts. The USSC on Thursday […]